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Memory just in time


What is the memory box?

With the memory box you get an individual mobile memory storage tailored to your needs. With this storage you can immediately upgrade more than 80% of all customer systems with the appropriate working memory.
You get access to the memory partner portal. Here you have exclusive access to our memory database and can quickly find which working memory from the memory box fits the customer's system. Without triggering an ordering process, you can immediately hand over the suitable working memory to the customer.


Here's how it works:

  1. Your customer wants to upgrade his device with RAM.
  2. You search for the device in the storage partner portal.
  3. The device search shows which module from the memory box fits.
  4. They remove the found memory and sell it to the customer immediately.

What is the content of the memory box?

The memory box consists of 25-50 memory modules suitable for most devices of different manufacturers (e.g. Acer, Apple, Lenovo, Medion, HP, Terra, etc.). Through our many years of market experience, we can very accurately estimate which memory modules are currently frequently needed.

In addition, we can also fine-tune the memory selection to meet your individual needs depending on whether your focus is in the desktop/notebook, server or printer area.

The PHS-memory working memory of the memory box is based on memory modules of well-known manufacturers like Samsung, Hynix, Micron etc..

The advantages of the storage box in detail

With the memory box, you can instantly upgrade more than 80% of all current desktop/notebook devices.

  • You get a mobile storage warehouse that can also be taken to the customer.
  • You can find more than 200,000 storage extensions and device specifications online in the storage partner portal.
  • Save time: No time-consuming search for the right RAM module. You will find the right memory module quickly and reliably.
  • Profit from very good purchase prices
  • Used modules from the storage box are automatically replenished. This means that the memory box is always fully loaded.
  • Quick ordering: Memory modules that are not available in the memory box can be ordered with one click.
  • We will send you customized blister packaging with your company logo upon request.
  • Integration of the product database on the homepage of the storage partner.
  • You will receive a buyback option for unsold memory modules.
  • If you have any questions or problems, our competent storage team will help you free of charge.

Who can become a memory partner?

The offer is aimed at resellers and IT departments of corporate customers with a permanent need for storage modules.

Become a memory partner today

We have aroused your interest and you would like to become a storage partner?
Then don't hesitate and contact us. In a detailed discussion, we will explain to you exactly how the partnership works, the advantages and the possibilities. Subsequently, we will send you the storage partner documents.
We are looking forward to your inquiry.


Memory Box (B2B) - Become a memory partner
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