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OverRAMing – maximize your RAM

Computer memories marked with our overRAMing symbol have been extensively tested and approved by us for the device in question.
According to the current state of the art, this memory solution enables a larger RAM memory than that specified by the manufacturer in the technical documentation / data sheets.

What is overRAMing?

Many systems can be upgraded with more RAM than originally specified by the device manufacturer.
Ever finer structures in the DRAM manufacturing process allow higher memory densities.
The number of cells on the same area doubles on average every 5 years and thus the capacity of the technically possible working memory.
Not every new memory can be addressed by every system.
That is why our experienced memory experts check numerous systems every day with regard to the technically maximum possible working memory. The new memory modules with higher capacity and performance are tested for function, stability and functionality in the system. Only then is the release for the tested devices and model series granted.

A memory module only receives the "overRAMing" label if the verified working memory:

  • achieves a higher total RAM capacity in the system than specified by the manufacturer
  • has a higher capacity than the manufacturer of the device specifies as an option in the data sheet
  • can be fully used in the analysed device
  • is 100% compatible with the system
  • can be used with the memory already installed in the device
  • is fully supported by the processor

With many PHS-memory® storage solutions, you benefit from a larger total capacity of the main memory.

Further information about our overRAMing Project can be found in our  memory blog #overRAMing

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