Computer memory of the brand PHS-memory®

PHS-electronic gmbh has been selling RAM and flash memory for IT systems such as PCs, servers, notebooks, printers and for industrial applications in the embedded sector since 1997. Since 2017 we have been selling working memory under our own registered trademark PHS-memory®.


PHS-memory® Guarantees

Thanks to our many years of specialisation in this product range, we are now able to offer storage solutions that are precisely tailored to the requirements of each system. PHS-memory® memories therefore have the highest quality, stability and reliability in daily use.

The PHS-memory® brand guarantees 100% compatibility with the specified devices as well as with the memory modules of the device manufacturers that are used ex works.

All PHS-memory® memory modules have a 5-year guarantee of perfect functionality. Should the RAM module be defective or fail within 5 years of purchase of the memory module, if used properly, you will be sent an adequate memory module free of charge. If a suitable memory module is no longer available, we will refund the purchase price. Further information on guarantees can be found under the respective guarantee buttons.

100% compatible computer RAM5 years guarantee on PHS-memory memoriesMoney back guarantee for PHS-memory memory

Permanent quality controls for constant reliability

PHS-memory computer memory

Our entire business process is geared towards ensuring a perfect product through quality control and complete optical and technical documentation of all storage solutions.

By monitoring the computer memories and their components during incoming inspection (Controlled BOM = controlled bill-of-material), we ensure that the quality remains at a consistently very high level.

Each individual memory was manufactured according to the respective Jedec standard. When selecting the components, we use DRAM and flash memory from renowned manufacturers such as Samsung, Micron and Hynix. This ensures that our customers always receive an optimal and functioning memory solution.

Already during production, the DRAMs are individually tested before they are installed on the circuit boards. Each produced memory is individually tested for performance and function after production.

In order to guarantee complete traceability, all PHS-memory® memories have a unique serial number.

Always up to date with the latest technology

New memory solutions from chip manufacturers with larger memory capacities are made possible, for example, by improved production technologies. The stability and functionality of these new RAM memories are tested daily by our memory experts in selected systems. The new memory solutions are then released for the tested devices and model series.

In this way, with many PHS-memory® memory solutions, we achieve a larger total capacity of the main memory than originally specified by the device manufacturers. Further information about our overRAMing project can be found under overRAMing - maximize your RAM.

overRAMing - maximize your RAM

Guaranteed backward compatibility

Improved technologies in production enable ever higher frequencies and speeds in DRAM and flash manufacturing. The "fallback option" in the SPD of the PHS-memory® memory allows DRAMs with higher clock rates to be operated together with older memory modules with lower clock rates.

The advantages of PHS-memory® memories for you at a glance

  • Storage competence through specialisation since 1995
  • Free support for optimal configuration and product selection
  • High availability through professional warehouse management
  • Fast delivery in Germany and throughout Europe
  • Short response times and professional order processing thanks to full digitalisation throughout the entire process with complete traceability
  • Incoming goods inspections include checks of the DRAMs, PCBs and the programmed SPD to exclude possible errors already in the incoming goods department (Controlled BOM).
  • PHS-memory® brand memories guarantee 100% compatibility with the specified system.
  • PHS-memory® memories can be used together with memories already in the device - taking into account the configuration rules of the system.
  • The "fallback option" in the SPD of the PHS-memory® memory allows DRAMs with higher clock rates to be operated together with older memory modules with lower clock rates.
  • Products with unique serial number for service and warranty
  • Pre-sales and after-sales support by technically trained personnel

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